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Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

Course Duration: 6 months 
Class Time: Weekly 2 days

Training Key Benefits:

  • Gain expertise with 20+ hands-on exercises
  • Job-oriented real-life industry projects
  • Dedicated mentoring sessions from Industry Expert
  • Priority basis Intern Facilities
  • Freelancing support for Market place 

Focused Job Role: 

  • Front-end Designer 
  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Backend Developer

Environment Setup: 
Editor (VS Code)

Course Content:
Lesson 1: HTML and HTML5
#Practicing the Basics of HTML and HTML Pages
  • Comments, Starting HTML Page, Head, Style, Script, Body
  • Meta Tag, Meta Attributes, Keywords, Description, Author, Page Refresh
  • Paragraph, Heading, Division, Section, Article
  • Header, Footer, Main, Aside
  • Span, Cite, Address, Abbreviation, Details, Summary
  • Bold, Underline, Italic, Small, Strong, Subscript, Superscript
  • Delete, Mark, Code, Block Quote, Quotation

#Practicing Advanced HTML and Basic HTML5
  • Font, Font Size, Font Color, Font Face
  • HTML Entities-Registered Trademark, Copyright, Euro, Space, Cent, Pound
  • Symbol-Summation, Elements Of, Not Elements Of, Empty, Differential Sign
  • URL Anchor, Mail Anchor, Call Anchor, Target
  • Navigation Tag, Purpose of Navigation Tag
  • Image, Image Source, Alternate Attribute, Height and Width, Title
  • Description List, Define Terms, Define Details, Ordered List, Unordered List, List Item

#Practicing More HTML5 and Designing Pages with Introduction of CSS
  • Level, Result, Access Key, Editable Attribute, Downloadable Product
  • Table, Table Row, Table Data, Table Head, Table Body, Table Foot, Style Attribute, Border
  • HTML Form, Input Types, Get and Post Method, Button Tag, Button Attributes
  • Designing Website Layout using HTML
  • How to and Where to CSS code, Comments in CSS, Converting Style Attribute to CSS
  • ID Selector, Class Selector, Child Class, Grouping Selector, Multi Stylesheet, Link Stylesheet

Lesson 2: CSS and CSS3
#Practicing Basic CSS Codes
  • Background Image, Background Repeat, Background Position, Background Color
  • Padding, Margin, List, Font, Link, and Table using CSS
  • CSS Combinatory-Child Selector, Descendent Selector, Adjacent Selector; Target Selector
  • Dimension, Media Screen, Responsive Design
  • Cursor, Custom Font (from External and Internal Source)
  • Designing with Advanced CSS and Basic Bootstrap

#Designing with Advanced CSS and Basic Bootstrap
  • Border in CSS, Box Shadow, Opacity, Horizontal Alignment, Background Image Handling
  • Float, Clear Tag, Columns, Visibility
  • Table in CSS, Position in CSS
  • An example Dropdown Menu using CSS
  • Outline, Menu Example 1 and 2, CSS for Print Screen
  • Why Bootstrap and how we can use it?
  • Bootstrap Designing Patterns
  • Designing Using Bootstrap

#Designing Using Bootstrap
  • Designing Search Box and Text Fields using CSS3
  • Border Image, Background Image, Background Color
  • Gradient, Text Shadow, Word Break
  • Rotate, Rotate X, Rotate Y, Content Position, Counter
  • Transform, Animation, Button in CSS3, Columns, Filter
  • Designing Layout using CSS
  • Understanding the Concept of Template and Theme

Lesson 3: JavaScript & jQuery
#Basic JavaScript
  • Writing JavaScript Code, Comments, Simple Variable, Variable Types
  • JS Operators, Simple Function, Parameter, Arguments
  • If Else Statement, Handling Multiple Condition, Conditional Operators
  • Get Element By ID, Get Element By Tag Name, Get Element By Class
  • Switch Case, For Loop
  • jQuery Basics, the JavaScript Library

#jQuery Basics, the JavaScript Library
  • Basis Rules and Guidelines on jQuery; Show, Hide, Toggle Function
  • Change CSS using jQuery, Menu with Mouse-over and Mouse-out
  • Focus and Blur on Text Field
  • Fade-in, Fade-out, Fade-Toggle
  • Slide-up, Slide-down, Menu using Toggle
  • Get and Set Text/HTML using jQuery

#jQuery Basics, the JavaScript Library
  • Example-Add and Remove Element Dynamically
  • Get Dimension using jQuery, Animation using jQuery
  • Load File using jQuery, AJAX Page Load using jQuery, No Conflict Function
  • Make Popup using jQuery, Print Selected Division using jQuery
  • Calendar Date Picker, Crosscheck Password using jQuery

Project: A Professional PSD to HTML Template Design

Web Development Course Overview:

  • PHP Dependency Manager (Composer)
  • Understanding about Git
  • Environment Setup
  • Laravel (Request Lifecycle)
  • Laravel (Routes)
  • Laravel (Controllers)
  • Laravel (Views)
  • Laravel (Blade Templating Engine)
  • Laravel (request, Response)
  • Laravel (Middleware / Security)
  • MySQL database
  • PHP PDO (PHP Data Object)
  • Understanding about MVC
  • Project Deployment
  • Market Palace and many more

Course Module:

# Lesson 1: Orientation & PHP Basic
  • Intro to PHP
  • Basic syntax, Variables & Constance

#Lesson 2: Laravel
  • Theory of MVC & OOP
  • Laravel Installation
  • Laravel Architecture Foundations
  • Routing and Controllers

#Lesson 3: Laravel Project
  • Views & Blade Templating
  • Forms & Validation, Upload Handling

#Lesson 4: Laravel Project
  • Session, Authentication & Middleware
  • Database Migrations & Models

#Lesson 5: Laravel Project
  • Basic CRUD Operations

#Lesson 6: Laravel Project
  • Pagination
  • Eloquent Relationships

#Lesson 7: Laravel Project
  • Email

#Lesson 8: Laravel Project
  • Login with Facebook & google etc..
  • Google re-captcha validation
  • Facebook comment system

#Lesson 9: Laravel Project
  • Ajax with laravel CRUD operation

Industry Project:
  • E-Commerce Project
  • Currency Converter
  • Multiple Language Add
  • Role Permission
  • Payment Gateway (Sandbox)

Certificate: Upon successful completion of the Web Design & Development Course, we will provide an industry recognized course completion certificate which has lifelong validity.

International Collaboration: Data Core

National Collaboration: Jashore University of Science and Technology (JUST)

Membership: BASIS

Course Price : 15000৳ 20000৳