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Python Programming Course in Bangladesh

Python Programming Course in Bangladesh

1. Course Duration - 3 Months
2. Capstone Project - 2

Why Choose Eiconik Academy?
1. International Faculty
2. Online Live Interactive Class
3. Industrial Experts
4. Project Oriented Class
5. Job Oriented Training
6. Priority Basis Intern Facilities
7. Freelancing Support
8. Project 
9. Mock Interviews
Training Key Benefits:
1. Gain expertise with 20+ hands-on exercise
2. Job-oriented real-life industry projects
3. Dedicated mentoring sessions from Industry Expert
4. International Faculty
5. Priority basis Intern Facilities
6. Freelancing support for Market place 
Course Overview:
Python Course Module:
Module 1  Dev Environment Setup
Module 2  Python Core
Module 3  Python Functions
Module 4  Python Object-Oriented Programming
Module 5  Modules and Packages
Module 6  File Handling - TXT, JSON, CSV
Module 7  Folder and Datetime Handling
Module 8  Exception Handling
Module 9  Interacting with Web - Requests
Module 10  Web Scraping - Beautiful Soup
Module 11  Web Crawling - Scrapy
Module 12  Freelancing (Upwork) and LinkedIn
Module 11  Web Automation - Selenium
2 Mock Interviews
Industry Project:
Capstone Project 1  Jobs Data Crawler
Capstone Project 2  Automated Ticket Booking
Upon successful completion of the Artificial Intelligence Course, we will provide an industry-recognized course completion certificate that has lifelong validity.
International Collaboration: Data Core
National Collaboration: Jashore University of Science and Technology (JUST)
Membership: BASIS

Course Price : 6000৳ 10000৳