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Programming for Kids

Programming for Kids

Course Duration: 2 months

Weekly: 2 days

Ages:  6-18.

Programming for Kids Course Details:

In this age of dynamic technology, we have started a course called "Programing for kids" to make your child technology prone from infancy. The aim of this course is to create a creative and innovative attitude among children. Modules have been created according to the age of the children.

In the present context, the practice of computer programming is very important in the development of the intellect and future of all children.

At present, children and teenagers spend their time playing computer or mobile games at home. For this, the mental development of children is being hampered and the ability to solve problems is being lost. Programming can be the solution to get rid of such situations.

In addition to building a new skill in programming, children and adolescents increase problem solving and creativity.

Course Content:

1 Introduction to computing

2. Introduction to hardware

3. Introduction to software

4. Troubleshoot computer

5 . Paint

6. Type

7. Basic of programming                                                                            

8. Fundamental of python

(a) Introduction 



(d)Data type 


Course Price : 2999৳ 6000৳